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Arlington Pet Lodge is proud to provide our pet guests with their own spacious dens with elevated beds. Your furry family will be relaxing with soothing music and frequent interaction. 

It is our mission to have your animal to be as excited to come stay at the Arlington Pet Lodge as they are when you come to pick them up. We want you to know that your furry friend is having a great time while you are away.

We are dedicated to loving and caring for your animals the same way you love and care for them. At the Arlington Pet Lodge, we provide a high level of care and service without charging all of the extras that other boarding facilities tend to charge. We do not charge extra to throw a ball for your pup, go for a walk, or dispense medication.

We are dedicated to adhering to a simple rate schedule so you know what you will pay and can budget accordingly.

Please read the frequently asked questions page for specific requirements to have your animals stay with us 

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